Love Island – Week 1 round up

June 10, 2019 — by

At the end of the first week what has Twitter said about each of the contestants? Have opinions changed and developed since the first episode?

First week statistics –

At the end of the first week there were 1,621,503 tweets including the words Love Island. These came from 416,921 different users and had a reach of 650,215,106 users; more female users tweeted about Love Island that male.

The most tweeted about Islanders were as followed – Tommy, Molly-Mae, Yewande, Curtis, Anton, Joe, Lucie, Sherif, Amber, Anna, Amy, Michael and then Callum. It is surprising that Molly-Mae ranked so highly considering she only entered the villa on Thursday evening.

The most used emoji of the week for the whole programme was:

The most tweet with the highest engagement was:

Out of the girls, the Islanders with the most positive sentiment were: Yewande, followed by Amy and then by Ana.
The boys: Curtis, Michael and the Joe.
From this we can see that, as it stands, Amy and Curtis are most likely to win the show. Although Yewande is the single most popular contestant so this may change if she finds ‘love’.

Brands –
The most tweeted about brand was Boohoo (21,831 tweets with a user reach of 10,859,535). This was probably encouraged by their daily Boohoo dollar giveaway.

Despite sponsoring the show there were only 379 tweets about UberEats (across the whole week), with the highest concentration of them being between 21:00 and 21:15 (GMT) on the first evening of Love Island (3rd of June).

We will continue with our daily round ups of the show tomorrow.