Love Island – Day 7

June 11, 2019 — by

Week 2 has begun, the Islanders are settling in nicely, friendships are developing and feelings are only getting stronger. Yewande not only got some screen time but she also went on a date! And Molly-Mae decided that 2 boys wasn’t enough for her… but what was Twitter saying?

Last nights most tweeted about Islander was Molly-Mae (by a significant margin).The majority of these tweets were negative, with 40% of tweets displaying anger. This reaction on Twitter was centred around Molly-Mae’s interest in new boy Danny. He originally showed interest in Yewande and Amber, picking them both to take out on dates, but Molly-Mae made sure he knew that she was also potentially interested and would consider ditching boxer Tommy Fury.

Yewande is still Twitter’s Islander sweetheart and Amy and Curtis are still the favourite couple. Although they are generating less Twitter traffic than last week. This could just be because of the content of yesterdays show, their Hide-away visit this evening might change that.

Twitter is also warming to Amber, with there being a significant amount of support for her and Michael. He did say he wanted a strong woman??

The initial reaction towards Danny is positive. However, there is strong support on Twitter for him to pick Yewande and not Molly-Mae. We think that this will determine his popularity and success within the show.

We will bring you another update tomorrow after tonights episode