What We Do

Blurrt cleverly identifies, collects and understands social media data.


When we collect, analyse and understand social posts, we also collect, analyse and understand who’s taking part in that conversation. This allows us to look at collected data through a range of different lenses — we can tell if the post author is male or female, a father or a grandfather, is interested in country music or likes craft beer.

Buddhists Liberals Conservatives

Steph Curry

Love 45.6%
Fear 0.8%
Confusion 3.8%
Sadness 8.7%
Disgust 1.3%
Happiness 28.2%
Thankfulness 10.3%
Anger 1.3%

It’s Getting Emotional

Part of what makes us unique is our ability to analyse every individual social media post in real-time using our own clever custom-built Natural Language Processing system, which looks to understand the language, context and tone-of-voice used in each individual case and can recognise if the post displays one of the following emotive groupings: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Thankful, Disgust, Love, Confusion and Fear.


Blurrt makes it easy to find key influencers engaging with individual brands and events as well as wider topics of conversation and areas of interest.

Find out who’s talking about you with the loudest voice already, as well as surface who shares the same ethos and views you do, with an already engaged audience.

Followers 10.1M
The Guardian @guardian
Followers 6.5M
NYT Magazine @NYTmag
Followers 211k
Eden Hazard Chelsea
Leroy Sané Manchester City
Christian Eriksen Tottenham Hotspur
Jamie Vardy Leicester City
Pascal Groß Brighton & Hove Albion

Blurrt Score

We locked ourselves away in a room for hours and did some Harry Potter-esque math wizardry to come up with a brand new metric that truly reflects an audience rating. The Blurrt Score looks at the volume of conversation across social around any individual campaign and also takes into account how much is positive, negative and neutral as well as looking at the strength of sentiment that’s being expressed.


One easy way to see how much of an impact is being made across social is to use our leaderboard to sort on a range of different metrics. Blurrt allows quick comparisons across a range of different variables and in whatever timeframe you want.

13 Reasons Why Netflix
Posts 10,483
Game of Thrones HBO
Posts 7,952
Modern Family ABC
Posts 2,592

Live Event Engagement

Live events are the perfect arena for Blurrt to help showcase and drive audience engagement, with previous efforts including live-walls at conferences and socially-driven big-screen games at esports festivals.

Displaying audience engagement via Blurrt on a big screen will encourage attendees to join in and shape elements of the event via voting, clever sentiment analysis and easy-to-digest visualisations of engagement.

Emoji Analysis

We are able to collect and analyse the ever-growing use of emoji within social posts, scoring these in the same way as we would with any other sentiment-bearing words.

We can then look at which emoji are being used the most around a specific reactionary moment and tell the tale in a new — yet equally as relevant — way.

All This And More

You can also do the following with Blurrt:

  • Track official pages, handles and accounts to get full insights into engagement and reactions around individuals/brands.
  • Surface the most shared posts, images and videos as well as fan-created content and help shape what becomes classed as a seriously mean meme.
  • Find out exactly what’s trending by topics, phrases and hashtags.
  • See who’s shouting the loudest or find super-fans by easily sorting your data by those who are contributing the most.