Love Island – Day 4

June 7, 2019 — by

New missions were created (AAA), romance was developed (thank you Curtis and Amy), the love triangle continued and we actually saw Yewande?? Molly Mae’s entry teased us for nearly the whole episode, but it happened and she is here and will no doubt bring a few extra twists to the villa.

But what has Twitter made of it all?
Last night Twitter had more to say to the Love Island producers than it did about the Islanders; with Tweeters still being frustrated at the lack of airtime some Islanders receive, and to be fair did we even see Callum in last nights ep?
Others were angry at the teaser of Molly-Mae entering the villa being misleading, suggesting that she would have had more of a role in last nights show. Although, everybody is still excited to see how the boys are going to react to her and, in particular, whether Tommy’s head will be turned.

Not much has really changed over the past day. Twitter is still calling for Yewande to get more screen time and responded well to the little time she did get last night. Although some are worried about her insecurities after she confides in Anton. Tweeter’s are getting increasingly negative about Lucie and Joe, over their relationship but also individually, with boredom being a main theme that arises. Is it really surprising when the whole show has revolved around them so far, with very little actually happening between them? (other than countless chats repeating the same thing of course). Although opinions on Amber are starting to shift, with tweets about her having a slightly less negative sentiment. People particularly valued her standing up to Tommy and Joe and for not allowing herself to be second best.

On a more positive note Twitter adores Amy and Curtis more and more each day, with the general opinion being that they genuinely have kind souls. Let’s hope they only continue to blossom.

The sudden re-coupling seems a bit savage given that many of the cast haven’t been given much screen time. Twitter is worried it will lead to either Michael or Callum leaving, with Anton coupling up with Amber in a friendly manner in order to persevere with his AAA mission. Of course all of this will depend on Molly-Mae’s moves, for all we know she may find love at first sight with someone other than Tommy.