Love Island – Day 3

June 6, 2019 — by

Last nights episode was, again, very Lucie, Joe and Tommy focussed; complete with plenty of tears, deep conversations and a lot of pressure from Joe.

Despite not getting much screen time at all, Yewande was the most tweeted about Islander, followed by Tommy, Joe and then Lucie (respectively).

Tweets about Yewande were, unsurprisingly, calling for her to have more screen time. Feelings towards Tommy seemed to have changed, with Tweeters accusing him of not being as honest as he claims to be. And incase you haven’t seen his ex-girlfriends tweet…

Opinions of Joe and Lucie have also changed; with people almost feeling sorry for Lucie and claiming that Joe acted in a manipulative manner. Joe’s popularity significantly dropped last night on Twitter. There were also a lot of comparisons made between him and Joe from psychological thriller ‘You’.

Curtis and Amy are very popular as a couple, with some even calling for them to win the series!(reminder that it is only Day 3 guys).

Finally, a new Islander is entering the villa tonight (Molly Mae). Twitters reaction was pretty divided. 55% of tweets had a negative sentiment and 45% had a positive. A high proportion of Tweeters used the emoji to describe how this may impact Tommy and his infatuation with Lucie.

Maybe we will see more of Callum, Michael and Yewande tonight? But then again, maybe not.