Love Island – Day 2

June 5, 2019 — by

Day 2 – it is still very early days, as Curtis kindly pointed out, but Lucie and Joe seem to forget that they have only known one another a little over 24 hours. Nevertheless, you would imagine that the Twittersphere would have something to say about Tommy’s (potentially) ‘controversial’ decision to couple up with Lucie.

Last nights stats: Tommy Fury was the most tweeted about Islander (4.6K), followed by Yewande and Amber.
People had the least to say about Michael, Sherif and Callum.

Surprisingly an equal amount of boys tweeted about Tommy as girls and the majority of Tweeters were not angry at Tommy for coupling up with Lucie. Twitter is still very divided on Lucie. Some calling for her and Joe to win, others finding her scheming and irritating. She (still) has a lot of people slamming her for using the word ‘bevvy’; with some theories accusing her of making up the word in order to sell merch?
Oh, one last thing about Lucie (for now)…

On a more positive note, Yewande is still the nation’s favourite girl with 97% of tweets about her holding a positive sentiment! 4% of tweets displayed anger but the majority of this was aimed at Love Island producers for not giving her enough airtime!

Finally, pictures of ‘Anton’ at Butlers in the Buff have also been circulating… i’ll leave this here for you to make up your own minds.

All of this and only day 2 – with drama set to be cranked up a notch (will Lucie’s eyes wonder or is she really into Joe? A.k.a. Sandwich Boy), opinions are sure to intensify.