Tory Leadership Campaign – Monday 10th of June.

June 10, 2019 — by

This blog will analyse Tweets between the 3rd of June (12:00) and the 10th of June (12:00).

As it stands Boris Johnson is the most tweeted about candidate, with 41.9% of Tweets about the Tory leadership contest being about him, and Matt Hancock the least (2.3%).

Jeremy Hunt holds the most positive sentiment (18%) with Hancock having the least (9%). Hunt also has the least negative Tweets (29%) and Leadsom the most (50%).

However Boris Johnson generates the most anger (with 70% of tweets about him expressing this emotion) and Hancock the least (30%). Leadsom and Hancock are both equally generating the least love (1%) and Javid the highest proportion (9%). Despite being the bookies’ favourite, the emotion of love is only generated in 2% of Tweets about Johnson.

What is particularly striking is the lack of love expressed for any of the candidates with all sitting at or below 3%, except Javid who still only generates a mere 9%. Although when dissected, the majority of Tweets displaying ‘love’ for Javid are in regards to him saying he enjoys a “cheeky Nandos”.

Most talked about topic for each of the potential leaders and the response to it (positive/ negative):

Boris Johnson – His comments regarding gay marriage and race (negative),
Michael Gove – His use of cocaine (negative),
Jeremy Hunt – NHS, particularly his misrepresentation of weekend death data (negative),
Dominic Raab – Use of cannabis (negative),
Sajid Javid – His role as Home Secretary (neutral),
Matt Hancock – His views on Jeremy Corbyn being ‘anti-Semitic'(negative),
Rory Stewart – His use of opium (negative),
Andrea Leadsom – No particular trend.

During the campaign we will be analysing individual candidates and specific events as they happen.