Brexit: Where the public stand

August 15, 2019 — by

With the 31st of October fast approaching and clarity far from being achieved, where do the public stand on no deal, Boris Johnson and on Brexit as a whole?
Our analytics show that in the past 24 hours there have been over 38,000 individual tweets about Brexit, of these 45% of these demonstrate anger, 14% disgust and 14% happiness. This anger is generated by both ‘Remainers’ and ‘Leavers’. Conservative males were the most active group, with only 18% of Tweeters being women.

Phillip Hammond was the most tweeted about person, after his claim that “leaving the EU without a deal would be just as much a betrayal of the referendum result as not leaving at all”. 39% of these tweets were negative reactions, mainly from pro-Brexiteers.

83% of tweets surrounding Boris Johnson – in the context of Brexit -displayed anger, 11% thankfulness and 3% disgust. The emotive terms linked most strongly to Boris during this 24 hour window were ‘catastrophic’ and ‘betrayal’. Although when explored the term ‘betrayal’ tended to have a greater focus on Phillip Hammond and his ‘betrayal’ of Boris Johnson and leave voters.

The greatest emotion felt by the proposition of a ‘No Deal Brexit’ was ‘appalling’, followed by ‘hate’ and ‘childish’. 49% of these tweets generated anger and 26% fear; whilst only 1% displayed love and 12% happiness.

But who is tweeting? Our research suggests that those who support leaving the European Union, particularly on a no deal basis, are likely to be football supporters and work in the engineering or manufacturing sector. Whereas those who are against no deal, and potentially support remaining in the EU, are most likely to be interested in literature, music and art and work in either the teaching and education sector or in healthcare.

All of our findings are based on Tweets and were conducted within the time frame of: 14th of August 12:16- 15th of August 16:25 (GMT).