The Nation’s Perfect Night In

with BBC Store

Every story needs a plot to make it interesting, but a huge part of the reason a story is interesting is who it’s happening to. It’s the characters that stick with us long after the story has faded away.

To mark the launch of their new BBC Store platform, BBC took over a number of giant screens across London with the intention of finding out who the public’s favourite iconic Beeb character was.

Launched in November 2015, the BBC Store offers a new dimension to the existing iPlayer by allowing viewers to purchase shows digitally for the first time.

To help the BBC find out which characters are loved and which are loathed, Blurrt stepped in to measure public engagement on social media around the various character voting hashtags.

Utilising Blurrt’s clever real-time analytics, votes were analysed instantly and fed directly into the screens, allowing audiences to see the results update and fluctuate before their very eyes.

As an extra added incentive to vote, the characters that won also had special offers on their products in the new BBC Store, a perfect way to increase engagement for those who also want to complete their blu-ray collections!