Farage and UKIP are coping with the heightened media exposure

May 8, 2014 — by

It’s been quite a ride for UKIP and its front man, Nigel Farage, over the past 7 days. Along with UKIP’s heightened exposure comes the daily roller coaster ride of how UKIP are fairing with public opinion, and Twitter is the platform that people are turning to in their thousands. People have tweeted over 132.82k tweets mentioning Farage and UKIP – 19% of those being positive, 34% negative and 47% neutral. Each tweet can be attributed a sentiment score, from +5 being very positive to -5 being very negative, and Farage and UKIP’s average sentiment score has been -0.4 over the past 7 days.

Farage twitter volume 2014-05-08 12.05.03

The Twitter conversation in the last 7 days has mostly been about UKIP cancelling Freepost, the Newark by-election, EU election candidates, policies, Clarkson and the Premier Inn poster campaign.

The volume of tweets and the sentiment expressed in each tweet effects the Blurrt Score (which is a metric on a scale of 1-100 to provide a near real-time measure of brand perception on Twitter).The graph below shows all the Twitter activity has had a positive effect on the UKIP campaign mid week but the positive sentiment has dropped towards the end of the week.

Farage Blurrt Score 2014-05-08 11.24.10

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