Blurrt out the Vote – A new podcast launching today!

May 10, 2017 — by

Here at Blurrt we like to think that we do a good job of delivering social insights in an easy-to-digest, visually appealing way, through both our own insights and live platforms as well as our reports.

Add to that the help of our graphics partners, such as Idonix and VizRT, and the work that we’ve done with broadcasters such as Sky Sports who showed social data captured on Premier League deadline day on-air with the use of their touch screens, and we believe we’re really showcasing aggregate audience views in new and engaging ways.

We’ve realised that’s just two of the traditionally recognised five senses that we’re hitting with social insights, and whilst two is great, we want to up that to three!

With taste and smell not quite there yet (maybe one day), it’s with great excitement that we can add hearing to the sense portfolio and announce the launch of ‘Blurrt out the Vote’, a podcast created by the fantastic Bengo Media, in partnership with Blurrt and our ability to analyse and understand social media conversation.


Here’s a description of exactly what auditory treats you can expect:

The polls tell us this election is over. But is that evident in what people are saying on Twitter? Is there an upset happening under everyone’s noses? Blurrt Out The Vote is the definitive social media guide to the 2017 General Election. Presenter Tom Price and a host of guests will analyse and understand what voters are thinking and feeling based on what they are writing on social media. And whether Twitter holds any big clues that the parties should be heeding before June 8th. The star of the show is Blurrt, the leading social media insights platform, which defies the polls and correctly predicted Trump, Brexit and the 2015 Election results. So what will it tell us this time?

The podcast can be found here:
For web: Blurrt out the Vote link
For iOS: Blurrt out the Vote link
For Android (Stitcher): Blurrt out the Vote link

Listen to “Blurrt Out The Vote | Election 2017” on Spreaker.

If you’d like to be involved as a future guest, or have any questions about the project, please feel free to get in touch with