The #EURef Data Hub

with Twitter UK and Press Assocation

Blurrt were approached by Twitter UK to build the #EURef Data Hub, an online tool designed to allow anyone to monitor in real-time how the big issues and high profile campaigners were driving discussion across social media.

The project was a unique collaboration between The Press Association, the UK’s leading multimedia news agency, and the social media network, Twitter, and was hosted on its own section of the Press Association website.

The Data Hub measured and displayed the levels of Twitter conversation throughout the campaign, breaking down online chatter about the Leave and Remain camps, as well as showing reactions to the key figures on the campaign trail.

The project was a bespoke build which saw us use Blurrt’s own clever collection processes to analyse and understand Twitter’s own curated streams via their Curator API.

The finished Data Hub provided a range of different insights into areas around the EU referendum vote, with graphs and other visual representations on the dashboard tracking key questions, including:

  • Leave vs Remain: Which campaign is most talked about?
  • Who are the most talked-about campaigners?
  • Which topics are driving the most conversation and how do people feel about them?
  • David Cameron vs Boris Johnson: Who’s the most talked about?

We’ve since archived all the data collected around the #EURef as well as the Data Hub itself, which you can take a look at by clicking on this link.

The opportunity to work with such well-known and respected companies has been a fantastic experience for us here at Blurrt and has provided us with another opportunity to showcase our ability to analyse and understand data — a feature that lead to us working with Twitter UK again, this time on national TV.

“The online debate around the EU referendum campaign is an incredibly important component of the media’s coverage, and this dashboard will be a really useful tool for journalists and the public to keep abreast of what’s being talked about, and how that discussion has changed over time.”
— Steve Jones, Social Media Editor at the Press Association