Celebrating the Queen’s 90th

with The Patron's Lunch

Blurrt were honoured to be asked to join in with The Patron’s Lunch, a huge street party to celebrate The Queen’s patronage of over 600 charities and organisations on the occasion of her 90th birthday.

For this particular event, Blurrt looked for ways to visualise the public’s wider conversation around the event in as engaging a way as possible. The result saw huge screens placed up and down The Mall, primarily used for live video, displaying a variety of custom Blurrt visuals, all feeding into real-time social media posts.

Blurrt were able to display a curated tweet feed, selecting the most engaging and interesting content posted around the event. This also provided the ability to select and display chosen partner’s content as well, all whilst being safely controlled and monitored using Blurrt Playlist. This visual featured alongside a live world heat map that showed where in the world people were joining in with the conversation from, which really showcased the impact of the event as we saw people posting from all across the globe, from Australasia to Africa.

Blurrt also built a bespoke emoji cloud for the event, a new and fun way to show engagement on social media.

Did you say Emoji Cloud?

With Twitter’s creation of a custom crown emoji to celebrate the Queen’s 90th, Blurrt looked to find a way in which this could be incorporated as part of a way to showcase the wider conversations on social media about the event.

This resulted in The Patron’s Lunch seeing the introduction of Blurrt’s ‘Emoji Cloud’, an on-screen display of the most used emojis on social media that were used in conversations around this historic event.

The new regal emoji is triggered by using the hashtags #Queenat90 or #happybirthdayyourmajesty and was featured at the heart of the ‘Emoji Cloud’, a wall of positivity filled lots of other popular emojis that reflected the event on big screens at The Mall.

The emoji cloud itself told the story of the day through a new and fun visual perspective, seeing the introduction of a horse emoji on Blurrt’s screen as the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment were first broadcast on-screen and similarly saw a plane emoji join the on-screen emoji party as the Red Arrows flew over.

The Patron’s Lunch and wider celebrations around the Queen’s 90th birthday have provided us here at Blurrt with a fantastic opportunity to not only showcase elements of our Social Storytelling offering, but to have been involved with a key event in the UK’s calendar showcasing audience engagement.