Football Fan Reactions

with Premier League Productions

‘League Leaders swoop for extremely nimble hot prospect’, is how we imagine the headline would read in our own fictional world where Blurrt is in fact a player and Premier League Productions are a team.

The reality however isn’t too far from this as Blurrt have been working with the top of the table team when it comes to football broadcasting, Premier League Productions, to provide social reactions to Premier League matches on their bi-weekly fan show that airs around the globe, Fanzone.

Blurrt are collecting, analysing and understanding every tweet posted about every single Premier League player to provide aggregate fan scores from each gameweek’s fixtures. These scores, are powered our own metric, the Blurrt Score, are used to rank the top performing players using social reactions from each Premier League matchup and are displayed on a loop within the Fanzone graphics on-screen.

Premier League Productions are also using Blurrt’s ability to understand the way fans are feeling towards a player using our bespoke sentiment and emotion analysis to display a rather snazzy visual that breaks up the emotions into different parts of an ‘emotion donut’, which allows on-screen pundits to discuss firstly whether they agree, or don’t, with the trends being shown, as well as look to understand why fans are feeling that particular way.

We’re also tracking all the latest social posts from the clubs and players themselves to see which have the highest engagement from fans, allowing Fanzone to display all 20 clubs’ most engaged tweets each week as part of their on-screen graphics.

We’re excited to help fans have their voices heard about the players, managers and teams in the biggest league in the world and can’t wait to roll out more insights and reactions across other programming in the near future.