Sport Relief 2018

March 23, 2018 — by

Sport Relief is a week of activities and events where the British public gets together to get active, raise money and change lives. This year the Sports Relief campaign has run from the 17th March to the 23rd March 2018, with it culminating at 7pm on Friday 23rd March for the televised show including comedy sketches, live music performances and live sports challenges. We decided to use our sophisticated app to collect on mentions of Sport Relief, and see what the nation is talking about.

We collected on a sample of all tweets mentioning ‘Sport Relief’ from midnight on the 17th of March to 9am on the 23rd of March, collecting over 34,000 tweets. There were over 21,000 unique users, and a potential user reach of 181,402,879 users. The overall sentiment of the campaign was positive, with 71% positivity (25% neutral, 4% negative).

The highest engaged time period was 9pm-10pm on the 21st March, with a percentage jump of 201%.

The reason for this jump was due to Zoe Ball’s TV documentary about her cycle challenge, where she spoke about her personal experiences with mental health and depression. Mentions of this documentary were evident in 23% of the tweets between 9pm and 10pm, and during this time period, there was 80% positive sentiment (16% neutral, 4% negative). The tweets ranged in positive emotions, with ‘Thank You’ mentioned in 18% of the tweets, ‘love’ mentioned in 15% of the tweets and ‘💙’ mentioned in 12% of the tweets. Some top influencers also tweeted about the show, with Alex Jones tweeting to her 228,000 followers about the bravery shown in the show.

There were some interesting trending topics collected in our data sample. The official hashtag of the Sport Relief 2018 campaign was #WhateverMovesYou, and it had 68% positive sentiment in our sample data (32% neutral, 0% negative).

Another interesting topic was #NationalGallopingDay, which was a national day used to drum up interest to show the British public there were different ways to ‘beat a billion steps’. It had 88% positive sentiment in our sample data (12% neautral, 0% negative).

Another way Sport Relief were engaging with the British public to ‘beat a billion steps’ was using the hashtag #HogwartsLeague. They teamed up with Pottermore to get Harry Potter fans to sign up and download an app, asking them to declare their house as either #TeamGryffindor, #TeamRavenclaw, #TeamHufflepuff or #TeamSlytherin. The app also had Harry Potter themed rewards when you used the app to raise money or get active.

Overall, the Sport Relief 2018 campaign has been highly successful in creating engagement and conversation on Twitter. With top influencers like Victoria Beckham, Olly Murs and Davina McCall tweeting about #SportRelief, the message has been spread thoroughly. We at Blurrt hope that Sport Relief 2018 raises more money than ever for this fantastic cause!

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