#Breadxit: Are Love Productions taking the biscuit?

September 14, 2016 — by


September 12th was a dark day for Britain’s amateur bakers as the news broke that Love Productions would be taking the much beloved institution that is ‘The Great British Bake Off’ away from BBC and to Channel 4 after being purchased for a huge sum.

Collectively the nation banged our rolling pins against our keyboards as we took to Twitter to share exactly what we thought about this new recipe for a well loved classic.

Then just when we didn’t think things could get worse, long time hosts Mel + Sue announced via a multitude of baking puns that they wouldn’t be going to C4.

Here’s some of the key stats about the #GBBO drama that’s unfolded:

We look for spikes to recognise key events – well the two spikes are clearly shown in this volume graph – the Mel + Sue news in particular.

Below are the overall emotions expressed within tweets around GBBO.

A sneak preview of one of our new graphs – but it really shows how that Mel+Sue news hit us hard!