Blurrt, Band and Brazil

September 27, 2016 — by

Following on from our successful EU Referendum Data Hub that we built back in June to provide insights and understanding around the EU Referendum vote, Blurrt were introduced to Brazilian broadcaster ‘Band’ by Twitter Brazil to discuss ways in how a similar hub could not only show, but also generate conversation around the upcoming mayoral elections to be held in Rio.

The Rio Election Data Hub 2016, or ‘Eleições do Rio de Janeiro 2016’, to use its native title, is now live and has been featured on the Rio de Janeiro homepage within the website. The data hub is available to view through the clickable link below.

Eleições do Rio de Janeiro 2016

The data hub shows you the volume of conversation around the upcoming elections, the latest tweets, leaderboards showing which candidates have the most conversation, which key topics are being talked about the most, and of course, Blurrt’s ability to detail how people are reacting emotionally towards different candidates as well as key areas of conversation such as transport, economy and security.


The data hub also allows the user to share interesting insights directly from the hub to their own Twitter accounts via the #DebateBandRio hashtag.

The datahub itself also made the news in Brazil, with our CEO Jason making a brief cameo via Skype as part of a news piece around the launch, which you can catch in the video clip below.

The data hub is easily adaptable to a range of similar applications, so if you think you could do with some extra insights from your data or want to help generate wider conversation then please, get in touch!