5 Insights from #TED2018

April 16, 2018 — by

We collected all the conversation surrounding the TED 2018 summit to discover what users were talking about. Here are 5 quick insights that we uncovered:

Trending Topic

The trending topics showed us exactly which subject gained the most traction with users, and it’s easy to see why the leading topic was being talked about! A floating pontoon bridge?! There are some seriously smart people out there, doing some seriously impressive things…

Crazy, Creepy, Comical? Face Building Tech Demonstration

The biggest spike in conversation came on Wednesday, when a new technology that can replicate people’s faces to make it appear like they’re saying anything was unveiled. Users were… Well, understandably, impressed and slightly creeped out! The top emotion word at the time was “horrific”… See for yourself to understand why!

Emotional Intelligence

Happiness and thankfulness were the top 2 emotions at TED 2018, making up 44.2% and 16.8% of the conversation respectively. Twitter users were “excited” by the new tech and ideas on show, as that was the most used emotion word over the course of the week, whilst the main theme associated with thankfulness was gratitude for the well run event and the talent on show.

Global Solutions

TED tries to deal with global issues and provide solutions and explanations which the whole world can apply and understand. This can be seen in our map of the event; most of the world is represented, with the highest levels of conversation in the US and UK.

Elon Musk – Top Influencer

The Tesla CEO was the man on top over the course of the week, taking our “top influencer” accolade. His 21,138,951 followers were able to follow his thoughts on the talks being given and the topics at hand and his 100% positivity score demonstrated his enthusiasm for the new ideas being explained.

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